since it’s been a long time since i posted about the cowboys

I present you with these two tidbits from KSK:

Jerr-ah kills Jason Garrett.

Only not really.



A friend once told me that she couldn’t wait until I got pregnant (PERISH the thought- blech!) because she’d love to see what sort of cravings I’d have.

Minus the harrowing prospect of popping out kids, I’m kind of inclined to agree with her.

I’ve been sick since Friday. I spent the weekend attending the world’s worst birthday party and convalescing at my grandparents. I went to work Monday, went out for Sushi with Sadie and VT, went to work on Tuesday and CRASHED. I ended up leaving early and not going in tomorrow.

But back to my bizarre eating habits. I tend to get odd cravings- Taco Bell and Snickers, Krispy Kreme and Miso soup, and my personal favorite, sushi and peanut M&Ms. The latter is what I tend to crave when bed-ridden with the flu or a cold.

This time though, the sushi didn’t help, nor did the half a bag of leftover Snickers minis I might have eaten. Tonight, I wanted chicken. Specifically on a biscuit and accompanied by dirty rice from Bojangles. I also didn’t want to leave my house, meaning this goal was something of a wash. Also, in my attempt to keep with somewhat moral food principles (Taco Bell nonwithstanding) I felt bad about visiting my local KFC.

So I made my way to Chix. Situated on 11th and U at 2019 11th Street, their claim to fame is as follows:

“chix is committed to providing natural, healthy, delicious, affordable, quick, latin-flavored meals in a casual environment. We are also committed to being environmentally responsible by using earth friendly materials in all of our packaging, paper products, and even in out construction materials and interior decor.”

Or more simply summarized- “eat responsibly.”

All of their chicken is100% natural, free range, antibiotic and hormone free. And it’s pretty damn tasty, if I do say so myself. You can view the menu here– I opted for the cuban chop bowl, a mix of veggies (corn, onions, peppers) black beans, chicken, and brown rice. The guy on the phone recommended the curry mustard sauce, and I took him up on it.

I would have taken pictures, but I inhaled half of it (along with some kale Carolina was kind enough to offer me) and didn’t want to burden you with my leftovers. Fantastic. Homey, delicious, and with enough kick from the curry mustard to mean I’ll definitely be back. The onions were sauteed until soft and pliant, as were the peppers. Given my somewhat congested state, I’m not sure how it smelled, but it definitely tasted like something I would have made my mum make me, if she were here.

In other news, I did laundry today. And I washed my #81 jersey. The one I can’t wear until August of this year. It still hurts.

let’s go from e-mailing to texting

MP3 is from New Live-free-or-die-motherfucker Hampshire and is a Pats fan. So I sent him the following card:

His reply?

“i was hoping there was a card that said something like

“if you are a woman and you want to fuck the shit out of tony romo, chances are you are pretty straight.”

maybe after he wins three super bowls they will make that card for him. until then… this one is pretty sweet too”

I love my friends.



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– by the way, I-40 is NOT Tobacco Road. Those of us hailing from the old North State know that it is actually 15-501. Duh. Also, please note that while Duke is number 5 on the list, visitors to Durham for games spend more than any other fans.

Oh, and by the way, the Cowboys are still the most valuable sports franchise IN THE WORLD.