Pete’s Apizza

I highly, highly endorse Pete’s Apizza‘s Goat Cheese salad:

It is becoming my post gym-too late to cook meal of choice.  I choose to ignore the irony of eating something deep fried, especially deep fried cheese, immediately after leaving the gym.

Matchbox on the Hill

In case you can’t tell, I’ve been heavy into the catch-up posting this week.  This one’s from the Sunday before inauguration:

So Inauguration Weekend.  I jokingly told someone that every black person in DC was in my neighborhood.  As the weekend wore on, I realized it was pretty much true.  At any rate, my lovely friend Jen happened to miraculously be in town from London for a wedding, so Ace (Jen’s former roommate) and I decided to do what the three of us do best- Eat.  Ace and Jen scooped me up downtown (where I was buying boots!) and we headed off to the not-quite-as-new-now Matchbox on the Hill.

Let it never be said that brunch shouldn’t have appetizers.

We started with the cinnamon rolls- pillowy, delicious, and far better than the disastrous ones I attempted a few weeks ago.  Plus there were six of them, which worked out perfectly.


Then we moved on to actual food- spicy meatball pizza (it may or may not be impossible for me to order anything else at Matchbox), stuffed French toast, and cast iron chorizo and eggs.


I’ve never been disappointed by Matchbox (they have PBR tallboys!), but this breakfast was exceptional.  But I’m probably just saying that because I love spicy meatball pizza.

Overrated DC restaurants

As has been noted here and here (note to Ezra.  We get it, you write two blogs.  Please stop writing the same posts for both.  It’s annoying.), the Washingtonian is looking for DC’s most overrated restaurants.  I agree with the Washingtonian’s commenters on several.  My list?

Lauriol Plaza: only good for drinking margaritas until you can’t stand up.

Cafe Milano/Zaytinya*: Too see and be seen for my taste, and that supposedly makes up for mediocre food.

Creme‘s brunch: Went for my birthday.  Earth shattering disappointment.

Georgia Brown’s: TERRIBLE.  How can any self-respecting restaurant fail to produce a proper biscuit?  My grandfather is from Charleston, so I am quite familiar with Low Country cuisine.  This is not it.

Vidalia I don’t think is overrated as much as it seems to have slipped a little lately.  I remember eating there a few years ago and really being wowed.  But now…not so much.


*in the interests of full disclosure, I have a good friend that works at Zaytinya.  Luckily, I do not hold her responsible for the subpar food.  I have noticed that when I pop in to say hi, I can drink at the bar all day, but am not so much interested in the food.

Good Stuff Eatery

I met Spike at the RAMMYs this past June.  He seemed like kind of a douche, just like on the show.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect from Good Stuff Eatery, especially considering their annoying propensity for useless PDFs.  Far be it from me to turn down a good burger though.

Ace and I made the trip down to the Hill for Good Stuff last Friday.  I ordered something called a “Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown” and Chef Spike’s fries- at least, that’s what I think they were called.  My burger had what i refer to as secret bacon- I bit in and sandwiched between the two patties….BACON!


Ace went for some sort of chiliburger, with sour cream on top.


While living in Edinburgh for a semester (and gaining about 15-20 lbs), I discovered an affinity for two things- jacket potato shops and fries with mayo.  GSE offers four kinds of flavored mayo.

good-stuff_mayoFrom the left, Old Bay (x2), Chipotle, Mango, and Sriracha

Overall I’d say it was a great, although rather expensive experience.  Also, GSE is located where PULP used to be, and I miss it.  Between this and the new Matchbox though, I guess I picked the wrong time to move from Eastern Market.

the-wreckageThe only thing left was a half an order of fries.  And I didn’t even have a milkshake.

We now return to your regularly scheduled snark

Good thing I took that little mini-break to Baltimore. Because my life turned absolutely nutty afterwards. Family stuff, work stuff, roommate stuff…I think it’s sorted itself out for the most part.

Unfortunately it has left me with several half-formed blog entries and no more space on the memory card in my camera. And a (possibly) fractured foot (again)- but that’s a story for later.

Let’s start with the pirates, shall we?
Ah, there we go.

The pirate/pyrate/privateer/whatever invasion of Fell’s Point was kind of a wash. Low on the actual pirate fighting, high on vast expanses of untoned white flesh in pseudo-bondage Dungeons and Dragons gear. Ick.
Lou and I managed to have a fun time though, because we will get down anytime, anywhere. Friday night kicked off with a reunion at the train station, followed by much debate over proper attire, and culminated with a pirate-themed beer tasting with the Charm City Muggers. Btw, stay away from the Piraat Ale. It’s delightfully tasty and packs quite the wallop, clocking in at something like 10.5% ABV. After much merry-making, crab dip eating, and placing of stuffed animals upon heads for funny pictures, we decamped to Bartenders for delicious pizza and Miller Lite. Perfect.

As a result of the previous nights activities, it took us a while to get moving. So, at about 2:00, Lou and I found ourselves (seriously, I’m not sure how we pulled together to get there, we just did) at the Blue Moon Cafe (soon to be featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives).

Sitting not far from the water on Aliceanna Street, Blue Moon Cafe sort of reminds me of Practical Magic, with a little bit of that movie with Bette Midler and SJP as witches thrown in.

The table was also decorated with the two things I always want to see on my brunch table (aside from coffee and/or a mimosa):

This is a “bitch biscuit.” When you are bitchy-hungry and in dire need of something before your food is ready, you can be the proud recipient of a “bitch biscuit.” How can you not love this place?

I opted for pancakes and bacon with a massive hashbrown,

while Lou went with an omelette and fruit, thus making her brunch “healthy.”

We really wanted a cinnamon roll, but it didn’t pan out, pardon the pun.

After brunch, we went down to the water for the “invasion,” where we overheard the following:

Girl talking to friend: “Remember all those weird people I told you about that like to dress up like pirates? THEY’RE HERE!”


Our afternoon (read: drinking) continued on, leading to this:

Along with us playing on this:

And ending up (after $1.25 PBR drafts) here, where we sat in the booth where part of Syriana was filmed:

I would like to say we were equally interesting on Sunday, but we spend the day in pajamas on the couch, watching Top Chef.

Oh wait, we did get up to make a run to Rita’s.

Commonwealth and Cork

Metrocurean has news up on CommonWealth, the new gastroBritpub opening in Columbia Heights.

I have to gripe. I went to Cork the day it opened, and had the misfortune to sit next to a gentleman who claimed to be the architect of the place. I hope it wasn’t Eric Gronning, who is mentioned in the post. Cork is beautiful inside, and the two friends I was with compared it to a European country store. Perhaps not the best choice of words, but the gentleman/architect we were sitting next to promptly flipped out. I’ve never seen someone take such offense. Mind you, my friends had been nothing but complimentary, but their idea of the place didn’t match his vision, I guess.

The whole thing left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Cork is a nice place, but he was so rude and made my initial visit so unpleasant that I’ve shied away from heading back, despite the fact that I pass by almost daily. I haven’t recommended it to anyone either (nor have I bad mouthed it.) I just feel like it’s not worth it, especially when there are so many other places around to grab a bite and a drink- give me Vinoteca or the bar at Al Crostino or Saint Ex, or a glass of wine and a cheese plate at Bar Pilar any day. I’m sure I’ll get around to visiting Cork again, but in the meantime, I hope I don’t run into that guy at CommonWealth.