The Cooking Cure: Day 1 and Day 2

As an attempt to start blogging again (and an accountability method), I’m going to liveblog (whee!) The Kitchn’s Cooking Cure.

To catch up:

Day 1: Make a list of everything you ate for breakfast last week.

For reasons I may or may not discuss at a later date, I keep a pretty good record of what I eat.  This is good, because it means day 1 is easy.  It’s also bad, because if I write things down, my brain says “great!  no need to waste energy remembering this!”  Perhaps it’s time I look into Lumosity?

At any rate, the Kitchn requests that this take place on paper, so here we are:


Let’s save the judgement for today, shall we?

Day 2: Ask yourself 3 questions about your breakfast habits. (AKA judgement time!)

Q1: What am I tired of eating? (Nothing!  Because I don’t eat breakfast!)
Q2: What do I love eating (Coffee, apparently)
Q3: What would I like to eat more often? (Breakfast.)

1. Eat breakfast
2. Not muffins
3. Moar veg!

To be a bit less flippant, I’m not really a breakfast person.  I like coffee when I wake up, and then to eat a lovely breakfast of exactly what I want around 10 or 11.  For instance: yesterday was a snow day (hurrah!), and I had coffee in the morning, followed by a whole wheat tostada with beans and sweet potatoes and salsa and cheese.  That’s not really realistic for my weekday life, so instead, I have coffee and an early-ish lunch.  I made oatmeal last night in an attempt to have breakfast ready and waiting at work.  I even packed some delicious blueberry jam to swirl into my oatmeal!

It’s 12:43 and it’s sitting in the fridge uneaten.  I did have 2 cookies and a slice of king cake though, so partial success?  Breakfast is slightly more complicated for me, because I don’t like eggs, and I’m trying to stay away from meat.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, shall we?


starting over again, again

I’m trying not to take it as a sign that wordpress ate the post.

Hello folks.  Welcome back, all three of you (hi Jen!)

New year’s resolutions are a bit cliché, but like most clichés, there’s (more than) a bit of truth in them.  I imagine that’s why they are so popular- there is always something immensely attractive about a new start. A new year, a birthday, a fresh composition book, the blinking cursor on a blog post.

While I am not very religious,  I did grow up Episcopalian.  We’re not  real big on guilt but even so, Lent is traditionally my “real” resolution time, because I feel worse about breaking my Lenten resolutions than I do about new year’s resolutions.    This year though, this year will be different.  Maybe.

Anyway, onward to resolutions!

1. Learn to frost a cake.

This is my white whale people.  So help me god, I will conquer it.  (This might sound familiar)

2. Be a better friend.

I know, another cliché.  And I don’t think I’m a bad friend.  But one can always be a better friend, yes?  There are some people I don’t see often enough, some people I need tell no, and some people I need to tell yes more often.

3. Wear lipstick, at least twice.
4. Wear fake eyelashes.

My makeup routine is nearly nonexistent.  Mascara, lip balm, eyeliner sometimes.  Eyeshadow if I’m feeling fancy.  I think I look ridiculous with lipstick, which I realize is… ridiculous.  Also, I am obsessed with eyelashes.  Into the Kardashian pool we go!

5. Write more.
6. Read more.
7. See more movies.

I miss reading.  My Amazon wish list is absurd.  I once made a resolution to read a book a week.  That seems silly, given that I am currently 3 issues behind on the Economist.  I think a book a month is more likely.  I also miss writing, even if no one else misses me writing (hello again Jen!).  And I think it might be good for me to see more movies that don’t involve Vin Diesel or Ludacris (LUDA!) or Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.  In short, I should probably curtail my Doomsday Preppers/RHOA/Shipping Wars consumption in favor of pretty much anything else.

8. Take better care of myself.

I am not as kind to myself as I could be, so this will be the year that I will cut myself some slack.

Actually, who am I kidding?  That’s not going to happen.  But I do need a personal trainer.

9. Wash my face every night before bed.

10.  Put my house in order.

A dear friend gave me a beautiful silkscreen poster ages ago.  It needs to be framed.  I need a new couch.  I need some champagne flutes, because I drink way too much bubbly wine to not own them.

Lest you think I’m a heathen, I do own bourbon glasses.  Four of them.  Well, three of them.  My drunk friends are why I cannot have a complete set of nice things.

11. Nail game: on point
12. Update my wardrobe

My new job is more formal than my old one, with an emphasis on the business part of business casual.  As someone who regularly wore cobalt blue skinny jeans, boots, a blazer, and a Transformers t-shirt to the office, I believe it’s time to up my game.

13.  Be more patient.

With myself, with my friends, with other people. The eternal quest, after frosting.

Off we go…

(Many thanks to Lemmonex for the inspiration.)