Blueberry pie

This past Friday was National Pie Day.

So I decided to make a pie.  My grandparents have a massive blueberry bush in the back yard, and every summer, my grandmother dispatches me to pick blueberries (and grapes, sometimes peaches…they have a lot of fruit trees in the yard).  I was out at their house this weekend, and expressed my pie making intentions to my grandmother, who volunteered the three quarts of homegrown blueberries in her freezer.

So, I turned to Cooks Illustrated.  And made this pie.

I try not to go off recipe when baking, because I am a terrible baker.  Sure enough, I went off recipe, and the results were less than desirable.  The dough seemed a bit dry, so it was a little difficult to roll out.  Also, my fridge may or may not be on the fritz, so I don’t think the pie dough got cold enough.  Then, I didn’t add the apple, because I didn’t have one on hand, and had already been to the farmer’s market and the grocery store (losing and recovering my bag in the process) and didn’t want to go out again.  Also, I failed to read the instructions carefully enough to realize that I was supposed to but instant tapicoa and grind it rather than search in vain for ground tapioca.  So i just dumped an envelope of unflavored gelatin in instead.


This is why I am a terrible baker.  Gelatin is for things that are supposed to CHILL not for things that are supposed to be BAKED.  Ugh.

The moral of the story is that I made a pie, and despite my complete baking ineptitude, it was apparently not bad.