sherbet punch and hostessing tips

In my family, almost all of us are born in March, June and December.

Seems like everyone else I know is born in October.

Which brings me to my nemesis, sherbet punch.

My friend SJ had a (in her words) “non-important” birthday this past Saturday.  She didn’t want to make a big deal, because it wasn’t a nice round number, and frankly, I think she was a little apprehensive about the number anyway.  However, thanks in large part to my mother and overly festive family, I do not believe in such things as “non-important” birthdays.  Every birthday is cause for celebration, much like a random Tuesday is the perfect time for champagne and popcorn for dinner.  Life is short, might as well enjoy it.  Besides, who looks back and says “man, I wish I hadn’t thrown/gone to that great party”?  NO ONE.

So, I berated talked SJ into letting me throw a party for her.

Happy Birthday napkin

She had one request: sherbet punch.

I hate sherbet punch.  It is sweet and dairy filled and gross and seems like the last possible thing you’d want to mix with alcohol.  What’s wrong with sangria?  Isn’t that fruit punch for grownups?  So, I did what I always do.  I asked the twitters and e-mailed some friends and asked the Kitchn and did all those things at a late enough date that I was basically left to my own devices.  Oh, and did I mention that the punch had to be gluten-free?  Because it did.

My Saturday schedule is always a bit hectic.  I am either completely exhausted by Friday evening, or am not exhausted and stay out too late.  I have to be at the market by 7:45am Saturday (I can push it to 8:10 if I stop here for coffee for Sarah, my stand coworker).  I’m home by a little before 2:00, assuming I don’t make any stops.  This past Saturday, that left me with 4 hours to shower, shop, and get the party and myself together.  To top it off, in a fit of inspiration, we had decided on a vaguely mid-century theme- think 50’s bridge club gathering for hors d’oeuvres.

Between the time constraints and my constant pathological need to entertain, I’ve learned a few things about hostessing, and I thought I’d share:

1) Get dressed.  30 minutes before go time, shower and put your outfit on- shoes, makeup, the whole nine.  It is far more festive to cook in a party dress than in gross jeans and t-shirt flecked with apple butter.  Also, you are wearing a party dress, so WEAR AN APRON.

2) Don’t kill yourself, chances are no one will notice.  I am insane and make everything from scratch.  I will happily cater to your most esoteric requests. That makes this rule is hard for me to stick to, but you should learn from my neurosis.  For this party, I only “made” the sherbet punch.  I bought cheese (the remainders bin at Whole Foods is the best friend of every cheese tray ever), pulled out some pickled pears and pickled tomatoes I’d made earlier, and bought some gluten-free crackers, vegetables, and hummus.

3) Accept help.  Another one that’s hard for me to deal with.  Saturday I completely forgot to pick up charcuterie, so when someone asked if he could bring anything, I texted back “OMG YES PLEASE.”  Problem solved

4) Disposable is okay, sort of.  I am trying to banish paper from my house.  No paper towels, no napkins, nothing.  This is dumb.  I bought small appetizer plates and festive napkins, and did not have to do dishes later (see #2).  Will I do that for a sit down dinner?  Probably not.  But every now and then, it’s okay.

5) Have a good roommate.  Mine has Thursdays off (no class, no work), and so cleaned the house in a fit of procrastination.  If that doesn’t work for you, sweep, wipe off the table, and use candles.  No one will be able to tell you haven’t cleaned the glass on that mirror in 3 months.

sherbet punch

photo: DCBenji

And now, what I bet you’ve all been waiting for…SJ’s Not Gross Sherbet Punch!

SJ’s Birthday Sherbet Punch
Serves….12?  depends on how well your friends play the part of “lush”

  • 1 container Edy’s (you can use another, but it might not be gluten-free) berry sherbet
  • 2 750 mL bottles of the DRIEST champagne/cava/prosecco/sparkling wine you can find
  • 1 cup of vodka (gluten-free note: most processing removes all the gluten, but you can go with something distilled from grapes or corn if you’re not comfortable with that.)
  • 1/2- 1 cup of lemon juice (I imagine other citrus would work, but this is what I had)
  • 1/2 lime, halved and thinly sliced
  • handful of raspberries, fresh or frozen

1) Combine sherbet, champers, and vodka in a punchbowl.  Be careful, it will foam.  Add the vodka and lemon juice to taste.

2) Stir well (AND CAREFULLY).  Once you’re done, the punch will separate into three layers- dark pink juice at the bottom, mystery light pink mixed layer, and then a layer of white/pale pink foam on the top.

3) Scatter the raspberries over the punch, then carefully place lime slices on the foam- if you’ve mixed correctly, they’ll stay suspended on the top and look pretty.

4) Yell at your friends not to muss your creation, and ladle FROM THE MIDDLE ONLY PLEASE.  Serve with a slice of lime in each glass.  Marvel at your domesticity and the fact that you now own a punchbowl.

5) Smile smugly as the birthday girl keeps gushing “it’s so PRETTY!”

wedding wear, chicago edition

Seeing as I am currently booted, I was a little worried about what to wear to a wedding I had to attend in Chicago this weekend.  My worries were further compounded by the small problem of not having any time to shop before I left DC.  Or get a manicure.  Or deal with my eyebrows.  It proved to be a fitting start to the weekend, as my flight to Chicago was cancelled (cue scrambling to get on another), and my boss’ flight to Chicago the day of the wedding was an hour late, throwing my entire schedule for the day off, and resulting in my arriving at the church for a 3:00pm wedding at approxomately 2:59:45.  At least I beat the bride in (barely), right?  All and all, it was a glorious weekend, if a little too short.

I did manage to do some shopping in Chicago, including a stop at the flagship Marshall Field’s Macy’s, and my favorite store on earth, the Nordstrom Rack.  I managed to put together a lovely outfit, after discarding this as too bridal (my size was only in the ivory) and this (in hot pink) as too sack-like poorly tailored.

On to the wedding wear:

Chicago Wedding in August

I think I did a decent job, yes? That’s not the exact necklace I wore, I can’t find it online, but it’s close enough.  Sadly, I only got to wear one of those sparkly shoes for the night. After trying to walk in both of them during cocktail hour, it was back into the boot for me.