I think I overdid it

Tonight I have made:

-1 cottage pie

– 12 meatballs

– 1 quart of black bean soup

– 72 snickerdoodles

Did I mention that I did all of this working from a cast iron skillet, a 5 quart stockpot and one cookie sheet.  I’m currently on my last dozen cookies.

My back is starting to hurt again.

Cosmos Club


Had dinner last night with VT, his mom and some of his family. At the Cosmos Club.

I love the Cosmos Club because it reminds me of when Lou and I go to the country club back home- I am the only black person there not serving food, and everyone except for the people I’m with looks really confused.

VT had red lentil soup, filet mignon (med rare), and mixed berries for dessert. I had a cranberry and walnut salad and “New Orleans Grilled Mahi-Mahi” with “southern style risotto with beans.” In case you were wondering, “southern style risotto with beans” is Cosmos-speak for red beans and rice. At any rate, it was delicious. My vodka gimlet was not so great, however.

Other dishes around the table included a cold poached lobster salad, complete with the lobster’s head and tail perched on the plate, sauteed cod, and key lime pie.

Good night, but walking home, I realized I should listen to ADM and wear tights.

(BTW, I know you’re all waiting for updates from the party and thanksgiving.   Still working on it.)

happy repeal day!

I am off today and doing laundry/running errands for the party tomorrow and heading out to the DC Craft Bartenders’ Guild Repeal Day Party later tonight.

I went to The Gibson last night. It was great! Lovely vibe, although they are really strict about the seating, they’re so nice you don’t notice. The cocktails are beautifully presented (lots of setting lemon and orange peels on fire and something involving a blowtorch and cinnamon). I hope Tiffany brings back the Bolshevik. Mmmm, beet vodka!

In the meantime, I have to run to Eastern Market to pick up some flowers for the party, and was considering stopping by Good Stuff Eatery while I’m there. Went to check out the menu online, and found this.

Annoying. I have to download a PDF to figure out you’re updating the menu? (Sorry I made you do the same, couldn’t figure out how to embed.)

on the DC dating scene

A bit of explanation-

My blog was once upon a time on blogger. I merged it with another blog that a friend and i started on wordpress (this one) to chronicle the hilarity of our dating experiences. That’s where these two posts came from. There are more in that vein, but we’ve made the decision to keep them private for the time being- the blog as it began was mostly for us and our friends anyway. Also, my dating mishaps are smaller in number these days, and not nearly as funny.

getting started…

My list of dating requirements is relatively simple:
1) taller than me
2) not an asshole

That’s it. Meet those two requirements, and I’m happy to have dinner or a drink or pass an hour or two with you, at least once. (i’ll try anything once)

You’d think it would be easier. A good friend, who moved away from DC to get married, told me I’d have to move if I ever wanted to get married. Our conversation went something like this

her: “I don’t know if it’s the same as 15 years ago, but you’re going to have to move if you want to get married.
me: “But I don’t want to get married. I just want to sit through dinner without wanting to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.”
her: “oh. I’m not sure what to tell you then. But you’re probably out of luck.”

I’d like to think she was wrong. But, sadly, it doesn’t look like it so far. But, dear readers, it has made for some awkward, sketchy, and downwirght hilarious stories. So, welcome to my musings on dating in DC. We might be adding a NYC contingent as well, down the line.

taco bell, and a small digression into bbq

Taco Bell is one of my dirty little secrets. It’s terrible for you, not very tasty, full of salt, and generally is just awful. But it reminds me of my childhood. Fast food was a rare treat with my mom, so with my grandparents, we did what any normal children would do and gorged ourselves. On the weekends we stayed with them, my grandmother, tired of my and my grandfather’s ham-fisted attempts at cooking (the chicken grease muffins are a story for a later date,) would send him out to get something for dinner. My sister and I, being about 7 and 9 at the time, alternated between Taco Bell and Pizza Hut (with an occasional McDonald’s cinnamon roll thrown in for breakfast on Sunday.)

I explained this to VT and he pointed out that when I get stressed or grumpy, I have a tendency to hit Taco Bell. Point taken. As a result, I limit my Taco Bell intake to once every three months.

I broke that rule last night.

Some time ago, I received an e-mail from VT:
“i trust you will be joining me at this event?”

with the following attached:

My response?
“holy shit! i am SO there. if this is a joke, I’m going to be pissed beyond belief.”

So, yesterday, I met VT outside of Cannon, and we walked with another one of his coworkers into the Rayburn cafeteria for free Taco Bell.

I have never worked on the Hill in the classic sense. I worked for a non-profit that’s located on the Hill, but I have never worked in a Senate, House or Committee office, and I have NO intention of ever doing so. Yesterday, i was dressed for work in a denim jacket, tank top, and bubble skirt. That is basically the highest level of formality my job requires. I was wearing flip flops, but in a concession to the occasion, switched to flats. Things like that don’t work on the Hill.

I do LOVE Hill receptions though, which is why I’m glad VT (for the time being) works there. Free beer. Free taco bell. Did I mention the free beer?

I got into an argument with one of VT’s coworkers, a Grade-A bullshitter who tried to convince me that barbecue had originated in Vermont. “We use artisanal pigs,” he said.

“You can use artisanal pigs for barbecue. It’s made from hogs,” I replied.

This led to a discussion of the major fault lines in barbecue- wet vs. dry, pork vs. beef, and most importantly, ketchup vs. vinegar. I, being from NC, come down on the wet, porky, vinegary side. I also might have referenced this map of SC barbecue.

I later resumed this discussion with a friend from Texas, who clearly came down on the exact oppossite side. Poor saps. They don’t know what they’re missing down there.

catching up

Sorry for the lack of posting, as AL was kind enough to point out. I can’t help it. March=March Madness=me abandoning life to basketball.

Here’s my laundry list:
1. Carolina made taco pizza Wednesday night. Taco pizza is awesome.

2. VT and I went to the Saloon. He had an Urbock 23. Hilarity ensued. (Direct quote: “That is some MALT ASS LIQUOR!”)

3. I cheated for a work happy hour and made a “fruit salad” consisting of shit I slammed together from Whole Foods. My office loved it. Poor saps.

4. Another blogger happy hour! (No, I will not be sporting this…although I do have shoes to match it…)

I’m leaving tomorrow- headed down south to the land of the pine – for Easter with the fam/old friends (and to help my sister REALLY celebrate her 21st.) If you’re lucky, I’ll take lots of pictures, and my mom and I won’t set anything on fire.

And I know you’re curious about the game last night. Well, I saw a fat girl wearing see through leggings. Not cute. And I almost threw up on several occasions watching the game. It was great though- I can’t even express how glad I was to see it. I also went to Clyde’s in Chinatown for an AU alum gathering to watch the AU-Tennessee game this afternoon. Good times, saw a a lot of people I haven’t seen since graduation, drank a little (or a lot) too much vodka in the middle of the day. Oops.

That’s all for now.


This post has nothing to do with food.

Guess who FINALLY got her well-deserved fantasy football trophy today? Right. (Many thanks to the Oracle, who made it all possible. And thanks to Westbrook for taking the knee.)

Guess who’s going to the Duke game tomorrow night? THIS GIRL. (Many, MANY, MANY thanks to Sadie for making that happen. No thanks to her boss, who paid for the tickets….and has been telling me my trophy was “stolen” for the last three months.)