this is how you know the bar will be full of black people

at the bar at Next Door, with ADM.  She had a great crabcake.  I had a chili cheese half smoke.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


everybody’s waiting for the man with the bag…of booze

I never understood the phrase “drown your sorrows.” It sounds like something a sad, morose person does by themselves at a seedy bar in low light.

I am a social drinker. Don’t get me wrong, I will come home a drink a bottle of wine with dinner. But that same bottle just tastes better with company. Drinking is a lot like smoking, I think- there are a few dedicated souls who will do it no matter what, but for many, it’s about camaraderie. So I don’t drown my sorrows. I prefer to be a darkly humorous cynic of a drunk in bad times, and a happy and gregarious one in better times. I am also a social drinker because around Christmas, the general public (and occasionally my family) force me to seek refuge in cocktails to make it through.

Moving on to the point of this post- holiday booze recommendations. I like cheap plonk. There, I said it. Franzia, Boone’s farm, Andre, bathtub Tenley vodka- I’ve had it all. That being said, if ever there were a time of year to go all out, this is it. Festivus, Christmas, Hanukah, whatever- the last half of December is made for champagne and gold stilettos, fitted silk dresses and dangly earrings, elbow length gloves and purple belted coats.

Or, maybe that’s just me.

Here’s what I find myself drinking this time of year:

Paringa Sparkling Shiraz: little on the sweet side, but I love it anyway. Available at the Whole Foods on 14th and P.

Moet White Star or Taittinger Brut: Classic. Taittinger makes me feel like I’m in one of their old posters. As for the White Star, I drank it on my birthday, I will drink it at my nonexistent wedding, and I will request that people drink it at my funeral.

1+1=3 Cava: Cheap, bubbly, dry and delicious.

Zardetto Prosecco: Even cheaper, available EVERYWHERE, and delicious in morning cocktails. Speaking of which…

Pointsetta: I hate mimosas, because I don’t like fresh orange juice. So I have them with cranberry instead. I also skip on the GM, because I developed an aversion to it working in a restaurant.

Yellowtail Shiraz: in this recipe for cranberry mulled wine. Chuck everything in a CrockPot and let it simmer. Trust me, buy the 1.5 L magnum and make a double batch.

Sam Adams Winter Lager: readily available almost everywhere. I hate the Boston Lager, but I love the Sam Seasonals.

Maudite and La Chouffe: not exactly seasonal, but I find myself drinking them more than normal

Lindemans Lambic Framboise: Because every year, my little sister insists on drinking far too much, with disastrous hilarious results.

Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka: because gimlets are appropriate year round.

Anything from the Gibson: if you haven’t been, go. Now. (Just make sure you’re not there when I want to go, so I can have a table.)

happy repeal day!

I am off today and doing laundry/running errands for the party tomorrow and heading out to the DC Craft Bartenders’ Guild Repeal Day Party later tonight.

I went to The Gibson last night. It was great! Lovely vibe, although they are really strict about the seating, they’re so nice you don’t notice. The cocktails are beautifully presented (lots of setting lemon and orange peels on fire and something involving a blowtorch and cinnamon). I hope Tiffany brings back the Bolshevik. Mmmm, beet vodka!

In the meantime, I have to run to Eastern Market to pick up some flowers for the party, and was considering stopping by Good Stuff Eatery while I’m there. Went to check out the menu online, and found this.

Annoying. I have to download a PDF to figure out you’re updating the menu? (Sorry I made you do the same, couldn’t figure out how to embed.)

weekend wrap up, Al Crostino

How did I spend my first slightly spring-y weekend? Glad you asked…

Friday, between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30, I had a drink at PS7 (Tiffany has homemade ginger rum working behind the bar…can’t wait to see what that gets turned into,) made an appearance at a birthday dinner at Clyde’s/Lucky Strike, then met up with Lala and went to Proof (too crowded to stay,) made a new friend at Indebleu (most fun I’ve had there, by far- who knew it doesn’t always suck! the Space (amazing, it is my new favorite place-Order the Ginger Peach Surreal Vodka with ginger ale or the Grape with soda) and ended up at the Black Cat (I was WAY overdressed for it.) And finally, in honor of the ’68 riots (and yes, this thought actually went through my head at about 3:00am) I went to Ben’s Chili Bowl for fries, a chili cheeseburger and a milkshake. All and all, we had a grand old time- it was one of the best nights out I’ve had this year.

Saturday, I waited in line for 20 minutes at Market Lunch for a crabcake, only to realize I didn’t have enough cash for one. Oops. Then VT and I checked out the new Nationals park. It’s beautiful- we’re headed to a game next Sunday, and I’m stoked. Also, the line for Ben’s was absurdly long. And I was hit on my one of the 12 year olds working the Mayorga kiosk. Then I spent five hours at Momo’s on U Street, watching basketball and sulking over the remains of my bracket. Roy Williams, you suck, and you owe me $300.

After an EXTREMELY frustrating Sunday, I found myself at home, wishing for a big bowl of pasta, and trying to explain to OtherFemaleHousemate (who is denser than my last Sticky Toffee Pudding) why I did not appreciate Trogdor, our basement housemate, (who has a propensity for destroying things that belong to me, which OFH seems to think is acceptable because he thought they belonged to her) messing with Maggie.

Maggie is my mannequin. Yes I have a mannequin. She used to live in the attic of Chief Ike’s. That is all you need to know.

At any rate, in lieu of slapping her (for the last three months, this has been my default reaction pretty much any time she opens her mouth,) I hustled out of the house in search of food. Going off ADM’s recommendation, I found myself at Al Crostino, the sister restaurant to Al Tiramisu on P Street.

My last experience at Al Tiramisu was lovely, until the check came. I ordered a special, which as it turns out, was twice as pricey as anything else. Oops.

As I mentioned, in light of the crappy weather and crappy day yesterday, I was really in the mood for a giant bowl of pasta and cheese. Boy, did Al Crostino deliver. For $14.90, I got a huge bowl of penne dressed with a rich, creamy sauce of sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese, garnished with parmesan and a perfect basil leaf. ADM joined me, and as it turns out, is something of a regular. That led to us being plied with wine, tiramisu, creme caramel, and cappuccinos.

It was EXACTLY what I needed. I’m abandoning Saint Ex and adopting Al Crostino as my new local.

This week? I’m hoping for a shot at Adam‘s Tuesday Cocktail Sessions at Bar Pilar.

catching up

Sorry for the lack of posting, as AL was kind enough to point out. I can’t help it. March=March Madness=me abandoning life to basketball.

Here’s my laundry list:
1. Carolina made taco pizza Wednesday night. Taco pizza is awesome.

2. VT and I went to the Saloon. He had an Urbock 23. Hilarity ensued. (Direct quote: “That is some MALT ASS LIQUOR!”)

3. I cheated for a work happy hour and made a “fruit salad” consisting of shit I slammed together from Whole Foods. My office loved it. Poor saps.

4. Another blogger happy hour! (No, I will not be sporting this…although I do have shoes to match it…)

I’m leaving tomorrow- headed down south to the land of the pine – for Easter with the fam/old friends (and to help my sister REALLY celebrate her 21st.) If you’re lucky, I’ll take lots of pictures, and my mom and I won’t set anything on fire.

And I know you’re curious about the game last night. Well, I saw a fat girl wearing see through leggings. Not cute. And I almost threw up on several occasions watching the game. It was great though- I can’t even express how glad I was to see it. I also went to Clyde’s in Chinatown for an AU alum gathering to watch the AU-Tennessee game this afternoon. Good times, saw a a lot of people I haven’t seen since graduation, drank a little (or a lot) too much vodka in the middle of the day. Oops.

That’s all for now.

thursday funday: virginia is for lovers.

For some fathomless reason, I found myself in Virginia again last night.

Actually, that’s a lie. Lala got off work early and wanted to go see Gina, so off we went. It kept me from going to Target 2 days in a row, which is probably a good thing. Seeing as we had to cross the river, we decided we were “on vacation.” We headed over to EatBar, and I waded a bit deeper into their pork-y goodness- in this case, bacon wrapped figs with marscapone,

Delicious no?

followed by mini burgers (they were too big to be sliders) with red onion relish/compote and mac and cheese.

Lala also ordered a side of wild mushrooms, which she combined with the mac and cheese, thus ruining it in my eyes. Worked for her though.
We indulged in some cocktails too- the Alchemist (St. Germaine, rye, Cointreau and lemon) for Lala
and Gnome’s Water (Hendrick’s, Cucumber, and Lavender) for me. Drinking something called “Gnome’s Water” reminds me of my childhood- specifically the part where my aunt used to tell my sister that her cup of water was actually monkey breath water.

(I also had a Miller High Life, because it’s the champagne of beers)

Gina + gnome= instant fun

Gina finished her shift early, and we went to the LA Bar and Grill. What. a. place. It was like being in my pothead friend’s attic in 8th grade. All that was missing was the blacklight mushroom poster on the wall. Seriously.

That being said, we did have a rip-roarin’ good time. ThursdayFunday/vacation did involve almost being hit by a swarthy asshole in a Benz, while crossing IN THE CROSS WALK WITH THE LIGHT, who then got upset and honked at us when I stood in front of his car, pointed to the “walk” sign, and then flicked him off.

Lala and I, back when we were neighbors would regularly engage in “SundayFunday” where we’d go to brunch, drink for the next 12-14 hours, and stumble home. I had a terrible job then and it helped take the edge off Mondays. Now that 1) we’re no longer neighbors and 2) football season is over, our SundayFundays have become few and far between. Last night, however, we decided that not only is Thursday the new Friday, but it shall henceforth be known as ThursdayFunday. Seeing as my last 2 Thursdays involved 1) six hours of drinking at Saint-Ex and 2) a night with theblondebombshell at Indebleu that ended with me waking up Friday morning hungover with my bedroom floor covered in mulch, I think “ThursdayFunday” is an appropriate designation.