The Cooking Cure: Day 1 and Day 2

As an attempt to start blogging again (and an accountability method), I’m going to liveblog (whee!) The Kitchn’s Cooking Cure.

To catch up:

Day 1: Make a list of everything you ate for breakfast last week.

For reasons I may or may not discuss at a later date, I keep a pretty good record of what I eat.  This is good, because it means day 1 is easy.  It’s also bad, because if I write things down, my brain says “great!  no need to waste energy remembering this!”  Perhaps it’s time I look into Lumosity?

At any rate, the Kitchn requests that this take place on paper, so here we are:


Let’s save the judgement for today, shall we?

Day 2: Ask yourself 3 questions about your breakfast habits. (AKA judgement time!)

Q1: What am I tired of eating? (Nothing!  Because I don’t eat breakfast!)
Q2: What do I love eating (Coffee, apparently)
Q3: What would I like to eat more often? (Breakfast.)

1. Eat breakfast
2. Not muffins
3. Moar veg!

To be a bit less flippant, I’m not really a breakfast person.  I like coffee when I wake up, and then to eat a lovely breakfast of exactly what I want around 10 or 11.  For instance: yesterday was a snow day (hurrah!), and I had coffee in the morning, followed by a whole wheat tostada with beans and sweet potatoes and salsa and cheese.  That’s not really realistic for my weekday life, so instead, I have coffee and an early-ish lunch.  I made oatmeal last night in an attempt to have breakfast ready and waiting at work.  I even packed some delicious blueberry jam to swirl into my oatmeal!

It’s 12:43 and it’s sitting in the fridge uneaten.  I did have 2 cookies and a slice of king cake though, so partial success?  Breakfast is slightly more complicated for me, because I don’t like eggs, and I’m trying to stay away from meat.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, shall we?