Well, the new year is here.

2011 was an okay year.  It started out with some things I’d rather forget, included a lot of things I will always remember, and (insert other platitudes here).

I’m going to record some resolutions here , if only to keep myself accountable.  So, Here goes.

1. Be a better friend.

2. Learn to make 12 different things (more details on that later, but chiles en nogada, I’m coming for you)

3. Take better care of myself (cliche, I know, and I have some more specific targets in mind, but I’ll keep those to myself thankyouverymuch)

4. Throw one party that is exactly the way I imagined it in my head

5. Take a trip somewhere, alone.

6. Read a book a month.

7. Write once a week.

8. Learn to properly frost a cake.

9. Go an entire month with a perfectly manicured nails.

10. Find the perfect pair of black pumps.

There are others, but they’re not for public consumption.


Happy 2012 y’all.  The world might be ending, so let’s make it a good one.


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