wedding wear, chicago edition

Seeing as I am currently booted, I was a little worried about what to wear to a wedding I had to attend in Chicago this weekend.  My worries were further compounded by the small problem of not having any time to shop before I left DC.  Or get a manicure.  Or deal with my eyebrows.  It proved to be a fitting start to the weekend, as my flight to Chicago was cancelled (cue scrambling to get on another), and my boss’ flight to Chicago the day of the wedding was an hour late, throwing my entire schedule for the day off, and resulting in my arriving at the church for a 3:00pm wedding at approxomately 2:59:45.  At least I beat the bride in (barely), right?  All and all, it was a glorious weekend, if a little too short.

I did manage to do some shopping in Chicago, including a stop at the flagship Marshall Field’s Macy’s, and my favorite store on earth, the Nordstrom Rack.  I managed to put together a lovely outfit, after discarding this as too bridal (my size was only in the ivory) and this (in hot pink) as too sack-like poorly tailored.

On to the wedding wear:

Chicago Wedding in August

I think I did a decent job, yes? That’s not the exact necklace I wore, I can’t find it online, but it’s close enough.  Sadly, I only got to wear one of those sparkly shoes for the night. After trying to walk in both of them during cocktail hour, it was back into the boot for me.


on tartines

arugula, mozz and turkey "tartine"

tartine with turkey, arugula, and mozzarella

Oh, the tartine.

What’s that?  You don’t know what a tartine is?  Well!

A tartine is french for I can’t be bothered to write an actual blog post, so I’m going to toss some stuff on bread and come up with a fancy name for it an open faced sandwich.

The internet abounds with recipes for tartines.  Let me make it simple for you.  Step 1: Get good bread.  Step 2: Slice in half. Step 3: Put (a) good thing(s) on bread.  Step 4: Eat.    Tartines, my darlings, are not complicated things.  Traditionally, they are quite literally bread and something on it.

Which brings us to the present.  We don’t need recipes for tartines.  I promise we don’t.  So please internet, stop.  I get it.  You can talk all about the pleasure of superlative ingredients, simply combined.  I can get behind that.  But let’s not pretend, mkay?

As for me, I put a lid on my tartine and ate a sandwich for dinner, like a good American.