cherry pork loin roast and pea cake

I did it.  I found my new. favorite. cherry. recipe.  I love this so much I’m not even sad about pitting a pound and a half of cherries by hand.  I’m not mad that Jamelle got a better picture of it than I did.  I’m not sad about the accidentally leaving the charcoal out in the rain because we had so much fun I forgot about it.  Or that I had planned to make another side.  Or that my kohlrabi went all squidgy and refused to become slaw.  I’m not mad about any of it.  Because this was delicious.  Made even tastier by the bevy of lovely people who descended upon my house to try it.

And dessert!  You might know I have a thing for peas.  So when Google Reader presented me with a pea cake, I pretty much have to attempt it.  It’s kind of a given.

I’m not sure I’ll recreate.  But it was tasty enough.  And the most magnificent shade of green.


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