Market Update- June 17, 2011

This week it’s all about the glory that is the tart cherry.  My little sister used to climb the cherry tree in my grandparent’s back yard and fight the birds just to have a few.  Things aren’t quite that bad for me.

Summer squash is still at the market, and our very first raspberries have started (the farm I work for is in Pennsylvania, so we’re a few weeks behind the places in Maryland and Virginia.

I am not a fan of vegan food, for the simple reason that an existence without cheese is not something I am willing to contemplate.  At all.  For even a nanosecond.  Color me pleasantly surprised by the brown basmati rice lemon zucchini salad from V Picnic Club.  This ALMOST makes up for Juan Carlos not opening his taco stand at Mt. Pleasant this year.  Almost.

cherry pork loin roast and pea cake

I did it.  I found my new. favorite. cherry. recipe.  I love this so much I’m not even sad about pitting a pound and a half of cherries by hand.  I’m not mad that Jamelle got a better picture of it than I did.  I’m not sad about the accidentally leaving the charcoal out in the rain because we had so much fun I forgot about it.  Or that I had planned to make another side.  Or that my kohlrabi went all squidgy and refused to become slaw.  I’m not mad about any of it.  Because this was delicious.  Made even tastier by the bevy of lovely people who descended upon my house to try it.

And dessert!  You might know I have a thing for peas.  So when Google Reader presented me with a pea cake, I pretty much have to attempt it.  It’s kind of a given.

I’m not sure I’ll recreate.  But it was tasty enough.  And the most magnificent shade of green.

Market update- June 11, 2011

Garlic scapes!  AND CHERRIES!  And the end of the noble asparagus.  This is on my list for things to do with cherries immediately.

Market update- June 4, 2011

Ah, spring!  Peas!  Strawberries!  Tiny new potatoes! Iced coffee!

I’m back at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers market again.  I had forgotten how delightful it is.

scenes from Memorial Day 2011

Remember those raspberries from the market?  Well, I had a special destination in mind for them. I was lucky enough to be tasked to task myself with making a birthday cake for the birthday boy this weekend.  So I did.  Then we did this

And followed up last night with dinner with Lemmonex at Brasserie Beck.

Extremely undercooked beans in the birthday boy’s cassoulet aside, it’s been a pretty good week, I’d have to say.