Good crop of links today:

Latoya Peterson at Racialicious goes in on this stupid Fast Company piece on food stamps (although that title leaves something to be desired).   I’ve talked about banning soda before, but my opinion isn’t as resolute as it was before.  Peterson references this earlier Prospect piece, which I think missed out on several things) and the Black Girls’ Guide to Weight Loss post on “The Unbearable Whiteness of Eating“.

Moving on…

DCentric, via Barry Estabrook’s excellent Politics of the Plate,  notes a new study saying farmers markets aren’t necessarily more expensive than regular grocery stores.  I’m biased, having worked and shopped at farmers markets for years, but I fail to see why this surprises anyone.  This does remind me- you should check out WAMU’s Kavitha Cardoza’s series on childhood obesity.

Poverty and Policy talks about the stupidity of SNAP block grants in the Ryan budget, and the myths lies being used to sell them.

Good Eats is over. (Serious Eats)

Via Bloomingdale blog, the Bloomingdale farmers market opens this weekend!  (and you can come see me at the second weekend of the Mount Pleasant farmers market)


One thought on “5.12.11

  1. I really am sad about Alton, though I must admit it has been ages since I have watched the Food Network. I got so sick of “The Ultimate Chocolate Lollypop Throwdown”!

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