desert island kit

Light blogging (I know, you can’t even tell) because I’m out of town for my sister’s graduation (finally).  My family rented a beach house, and let me tell you, it is awful. Furniture straight out of 1982. Fridge literally duct taped together. 1 broken eye on the stove, another that takes approximately 30 minutes to reach medium low heat. My mother and I harbor the sneaking suspicion that it usually gets used as a frat house. But I digress. It is beachside, and it is not my house. So I’ll stop complaining.

But it got me thinking.  My family does a beach trip every year, and because my mother is the way she is, she always brings what I call her desert island essentials:

– 2 dishtowels
– a decent chef’s knife + paring knife
– salt and pepper grinders
– oregano and basil or italian seasoning, cumin, garlic, cinnamon
– olive oil
– Texas Pete

I’d add a flexible cutting board and a whisk to that.  Thoughts?


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