current rotation

Back at the last Food Blogger happy hour, I was asked for my go-to list of restaurants.  Here is my current rotation, in no particular order:

1. Red Rocks/Pete’s Apizza: Close to home, great pizza.  I prefer Pete’s if I’m not in the mood to sit and eat, Red Rocks if I am.

2. Commonwealth: two words- Welsh rarebit.  Also, I once had an arguement with a bartender here over what constitutes a snakebite.  Made me like him more.

3. PS 7’s: Call me a homer, as I’m lucky enough to count Gina and Frank as friends, but I love this place.  The drinks are spectacular, I always have a good time, and Chef Peter Smith consistently turns out amazing food.  Oxtail tots and cheesecake lollipops FTW!  And did I mention the bacon biscuts?  And the pickled…everything?  Ooh, and the burger in the lounge…

4. Matchbox: I will never tire of their cinnamon rolls, spicy meatball pizza, and pear salad.  The day the location on the Hill opened, I cried a little, as I used to live around the corner from it.

5. Marvin: Dinner is meh, but it’s always a good place for a couple of beers, and I will cut you over the biscuit with sausage gravy for brunch.  DO NOT go on the weekends however, it’s overrun by the Local 16 crowd.


Of course, more often then not, I like to eat at my house.  But you’ll have to work to get an invite to that table.  Or I have to meet you mattress shopping at Macy’s.


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