a bit of navel-gazing

I have been feeling a little down lately. May was not the best month for me, and last week was unbelievably bad. It’s taken a lot of effort to keep up appearances, so much so that by midweek, I’m usually exhausted. I woke up to head down to the market on Saturday hoping for…something.

It worked. I love the lovely little community that has developed at the H Street market. Dan likes to try the new flavors of muffins and always shares. Fredi, the owner of the orchard where I work, always shares whatever she picks up from around the market, and quizzes me about what I’ve been cooking that week. I like seeing the regulars and playing with the dogs. It’s the perfect way to start a Saturday- it doesn’t even feel like work. And then there are the Amish kids at Garden Path Farms with their unbelievably addictive strawberry lemonade.

This weekend, I bought a LOT of peas from Richfield Farm and they needed shelling. Fredi sent me home with 2 quarts of extremely ripe strawberries (and potatoes, cabbage, and tomato sauce) that needed to be washed, capped, and sliced. I bought bread, cheese, asparagus and snow peas. Then I went to the market by my house and somehow ended up with parmesan rolls, a ficelle, and half a dozen black eyed susans.

So I spent most of Saturday afternoon slicing strawberries and shelling peas. I weeded a bit in the yard (not that you can tell), got eaten alive by mosquitos and planted flowers. I felt like my grandmother, but in a good way. It was meditative and exactly what I needed.

Sunday I woke up in a much better mood, and went down to Dupont to see emmzee at the Sunnyside farm stand. AND THEY HAD CHERRIES. I. Love. Cherries. I am not much of a fruit eater, but I will eat cherries until I am ill. Then I will wait a few hours. And then I will eat more.

Sunday afternoon rolled around, and it seemed like the perfect time to try ADM’s pizza pan for the grill.  I whipped up a batch of this crust, and headed over with some vegetables (and the cherries) to try it out

I think we needed more coals on the fire, but after a quick run under the broiler, it turned out well.  Here’s a close up:

And that pretty much concludes the weekend for me.  No more navel gazing, I promise.  Later this week, I’ll tell you about the wedding cookies from last night…


One thought on “a bit of navel-gazing

  1. Still in suspense about the wedding cookies… do tell! And can’t wait to hear about your latest forays into culinary adventureland (cooking and eating vicariously).

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