Weekly links 6.5.09

Newest Southern trend: retrofitting closed chain restaurants.  [Slashfood via Atlantic Food’s twitter]

The Atlantic Food Channel on one cubicle dweller’s quest for farm life.  I’ve been tossing this idea around.  [Atlantic Food]

The head of the Yale Sustainable Food Project weighs in on the above. [Atlantic Food]

This makes me long for a decent ham biscuit.  [NY Times]

I love unripe stone fruit.  Maybe I should move to Lebanon.  [Atlantic Food]

Yellow cabbage collards in North Carolina [NPR Morning Edition]

DCist reviews Eatonville.  I ate there last weekend, and it was far better than I expected.  The collards were delicious!  The over 50 guy who tried to hit on me at the upstairs bar while I was waiting for ADM, not so much. [DCist]

The Kitchn rounds up the best kitchen finds at Ikea. I think on my next run, I’ll have to pick up some spice jars, and VT swears by the grater.  [the Kitchn]

Foreign policy, Scooby Doo style [UN Dispatch via FP Passport]

If I owned this, I would never, ever, ever get out of it.  [Apartment Therapy: DC]

Why Nationals Stadium sucks.  I completely agree about Clint.  He is a bastard version of Ryan Seacrest, which is saying something.  [Deadspin]


That’s all for now folks.  Catch me at the Quaker Valley Orchards stall at H Street Market tomorrow morning.


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