NY Times asks what kind of cook are you?

In today’s NY Times “Well” column, Tara Parker-Pope cites some research on the “nutritional gatekeepers” of families.  Then on the Well blog, she has a test to see what kind of cook you are:

  1. “Giving” cooks: enthusiastic about cooking and specialize in comfort food, particularly home-baked goodies.
  2. “Methodical” cooks: rely heavily on recipes, so their cooking is strongly influenced by the cookbook they use.
  3. “Competitive” cooks: think less about health and more on making the most impressive dish possible.
  4. “Healthy” cooks: often serve fish and use fresh ingredients, but taste isn’t the primary goal.
  5. “Innovative” cooks: like to experiment with different ingredients, cooking methods and cuisines, a process that tends to lead to more healthful cooking.

I am definitely innovative, because that is the only category for someone who loves whole milk and garam masala equally, and refuses to use recipes.  What about you?


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