Six commandments of fish tacos

ADM and I are famous for our fish tacos.  Well, maybe mostly in our own minds, but they are damn good nonetheless.  In light of the beautiful weather this past weekend, we decided to fire up the grill and inagurate fish taco and beer drinking/stoop sitting season.

There are 6 key components to a fish taco party:
1. Fish

(Duh).  We use tilapia, or sometimes cod or mahi-mahi.  NO SALMON.  I despise salmon.

2. Slaw

The first time we did this last summer, I invented a lovely crunchy cabbage slaw.  It’s been a key accompaniment ever since.  Take about a cup of white wine/rice wine/champagne/white balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper and warm in a saucepan.  Add sugar to taste- just enough to take the edge off the vinegar.  Toss over half a head of shredded cabbage and let sit.  That’s it.  Make sure the vinegar is piping hot though, just short of boiling.  You want it to cook the cabbage ever so slightly.  Feel free to add peppers or carrots as well.

3. Beer

Lots.  Fish tacos are best eaten outside, but can be consumed inside, provided that upon consumption, one moves outside to sit on the stoop, drink beer, and watch the cops drive up and down the street.  I believe we had a mix of Land Shark, Magic Hat, Yuengling, and ADM’s super secret late night beer, which I will not reveal.  This is as important as the fish, if not more so.

4. Condiments

Cheese (I know, it’s supposedly sacrilege.  Whatever).  Guac (homemade please). Chips and salsa.  Sour cream.  Tomatoes, but only if they’re in season.  Rice.  Cilantro.  And yes, champagne can count as a condiment.  It goes with everything.

5. People

Fish tacos for 2 are great.  Fish tacos for 8 are even better.  Plus, that’s 6 more people to bring beer (see #3)

6. Milk Frother

After you have consumed tacos and beer for several hours, you might find yourself in need for a little pick-me-up, so as to best continue to consume beer and stoop sit.  This is where the milk frother is vital.  I am very anti one use kitchen appliances, so I have been making fun of ADM for owning a milk frother, which is right up there with a rice cooker in terms of uselessness to me.  (I have a rice cooker. I call it a “pot”)

Then she made cappucinos.  Sold!

And there you have it folks.  Welcome to spring!


2 thoughts on “Six commandments of fish tacos

  1. Rice cookers are the best. I like my brown rice perfect each and every time. But a frother? A frother? Maybe that is a part of the Martha Stuart truffle shaver, pasta rake, “designer” spoon rest and Slap Chop)

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