Super Bowl

I know, I know, I’m about 2 weeks late.  Whatever.

VT had his second annual superbowl party, and requested the same thing I made last year: macaroni and cheese.


I am sick of mac and cheese.  I made it, but I also made something else, because I was bored as hell and had to have something to eat.   More on that after the jump

I am going to stop here and take the opportunity to point out our dessert for the evening.  ADM made sugar cookies.  During the WORST SUNDAY BRUNCH EVER, she ripped the logos for the Cardinals and Steelers out of the paper  and recreated them in icing on the football helmet cookies:


Amazing.  I had no idea she had such Martha-like inclinations.  Minus the insider trading, hopefully.

Anyway, party food consisted of puppy chow (or whatever you call that chocolately peanut butter chex mix), some killer beef tacos with lime and pickled red onions, mac and cheese, cookies, chips and salsa (out of VT’s Giants snack helmet.  I refrained.) and my contribution- lamb and chickpea phyllo rolls.


I found the recipie here, and pretty much followed instructions, with some emergency phyllo assistance from emmzeee.  I also knocked together some chickpeas, spinach, garlic and spices for a vegetarian version for the non-meat eaters among our little tribe.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures until they were almost gone.  I also slapped together some greek yogurt, rosemary, salt and thyme as a dip for the rolls.

Party was fun, tacos were delicious, and the snow queen and I cleaned up VT’s apartment and left him with the mac and cheese when it was all over.


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