So it took me a while to learn how to eat yogurt.  My mother was NOT on the low-fat bandwagon, and until recently, full fat yogurt was not something readily available in the wilds of North Carolina (where they have full fat everything else).  So I didn’t really start eating yogurt of any sort until the end of high school.

img00138Which brings me to today.  Last weekend, while doing my first major grocery shop in about 6 months, I happened across Siggi’s skyr in Whole Foods.  I vaguely remembered a metrocurean post about it, and decided to pick up the plain and orange-ginger.


It takes some getting used to.  I was expecting something along the lines of Greek yogurt, but this is skim, and I usually buy the full fat or 2% Greek yogurt, so the mouthfeel, while still very creamy, is a little different.  The orange isn’t overwhelming, but it’s still a bit more tart that I was prepared for.  I’m about halfway through it at this point, and have decided that I like it, although it’s different.  I think it’s still on sale at Whole Foods, so give it a whirl and tell me what you think.


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