chicken tikka masala

As i’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on vacation since December 24th.  Which means I’ve been cooking a lot.  Last night it was pasta and chocolate pudding (post to come) with Ace, Tuesday night was homemade pizza, and Monday night-  chicken tikka masala.


That was all that was left

I got the recipe from my new best friend, Cook’s Illustrated and had an impropmtu dinner party with Emmzzee, one of my roommates, and the Snow Queen.  Emmzzee and I decided we needed to tinker a little- more heat, and up the garam masala and perhaps toast it a little longer.  Unfortunately, the chicken was supposed to be broiled, but for some reason my oven doesn’t broil so much.  So I tossed it in a nonstick skillet- I’ll be glad when it warms up a little bit and I can toss the chicken on the grill.

The recipe was dead simple- mix yogurt with garlic, ginger and some spices.  Broil.  Meanwhile, sautée onions, garlic, ginger, garam masala and other spices.  Add a can of tomatoes, the chicken (chopped in 1-inch chunks) and simmer.  Add some heavy cream and serve over rice.


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