Wherein my kitchen is re-outfitted

I live in a group house.  My roommates are great, but it is still a group house, as in not my house.  WHich means that there are other people using my stuff.  Generally I don’t mind, but the kitchen has become a point of contention on occasion.  I used to cook a lot mroe, but as the, um, cleanliness of the kitchen detriorated, I stopped.  Since it has gotten colder, I’ve started back up again.  And for some reason, our kitchen has remainded relatively clean.

My roommates have no idea how much it would behoove them to keep up with this trend.  My Christmas was almost entirely kitchen-oriented, which means I have loads of new toys to play with- a lovely new mixer, an apron that reads “I like to cook with wine and sometimes I even put it in the food,” a new set of pots and pans, a pizza stone, and a gift card I intend on using to buy some more  basic dishes, a silicone covered whisk for my new pots, perhaps a tiffin pail for delicious lunches, and dish towels, because all my new toys will be HAND WASHED, lest I have to bean someone with a 12-inch anodized skillet.

Of course, this means I will have to invite people over so as to show off my cooking skills and shiny new cookware.  I wonder if a nice mixer makes you a better baker…


One thought on “Wherein my kitchen is re-outfitted

  1. holy crap– i cannot believe you got a standing mixer! so jealous. although im super pumped for my mini-blow torch. i cannot wait to brulee the shit out of everything i cook.

    and i want a report of this pail thing. i never heard of them.

    i think i smell a catering company coming to life in 2009.

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