Leftover Boxing Day Miracle

Yesterday was Boxing Day, or the feast of Christmas leftovers.

I inherited a strage trait from my mother.  I love to cook.  I will cook all day.  I will sit down and eat.  And then, I’m done.  Unless they are fairly altered from the previous state, I’m not interested in leftovers, with the exception of sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving.  And even then, we usually use the turkey to make these.  Naturally, my roommates love this, because I am still working on cooking for one versus cooking for six.  So there are always leftovers.

So this year, I took a cue from the veggie stuffed baked potatoes in Whole Foods.


I chopped leftover leeks with carrots and peppers from the crudite tray and sauteed with a little olive oil.


I reheated the creamed potatoes over a double boiler (keeps them from getting gluey and brick-like)


and mixed them in with the vegetables


I also reheated the leftover chicken, just because it was there, and poured myself a glass of Caymus Conundrum and kicked back.



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