Lions and tigers and gingerbread bears

My aunt (AL) is a great mom.  She’s a substitute teacher at the girls’ elementary school.  She’s in the process of getting her Master’s Degree so that she can teach full time.  And she bakes.

I should confess, she is the queen of ready made meals, things that don’t fall under “cooking” in my opinion.  But I don’t begrudge her- she does have a husband, a job, two kids, an extremely hyperactive dog and school to worry about.  Despite all that, she is a grade A sous-chef.

Anyway, she came to the rescue of S’s first grade class last night and made gingerbread bears for the kids to decorate.  She e-mailed me about them, complete with pictures.  She said that S’s sister, M decimated two of them this morning for breakfast, while she “only ate the one with spinal cord injuries.”  E-mail and pics below:


While I am no Martha Stewart, these kit cookies turned out fairly well.  They aren’t quite as tasty as my recipe from scratch a la the Joy of Cooking, but for 23 First Graders, they’ll fit the bill.  The kids will get to decorate with vanilla icing and then add sprinkles of various types, you know the kind that come in the little jars and are multi colored, white or brown?  Also available will be red and green sugar crystals, as if the little imps need any more revving up just before the Christmas Break.   Never mind I’m well down the path to having to deal with these darlings on a daily basis.  M will wake up in the morning and elaborate on her gingerbread dreams!  I suppose I’ll let her eat a bear or two with breakfast, there is honey in there.  I put it in myself! Oh, and butter too!  Not bad for a kit, eh?  I mean at least it didn’t ask for oil……  Pictures attached.

Love, AL


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