lunch chronicoles: holiday lunch

The company that manages the building where I work is decent.  They put up with the occasional protesters outside the building, and employ Lorraine (the surly woman at the front desk who takes NO shit), Frank (the maintenance guy who reminds me of my grandfather and is awesome), and Ariel (the building engineer/my secret work crush).

img00114Today, they had food in the lobby for the holidays, along with a little band.  Because I love free things, I went down for lunch with relatively low expectations.

Wasn’t so bad!  Sort of like mid-range wedding food.  The festive “punch” (not pictured) was a weird shade of lint-y purple, and could have used some vodka.  But so can most beverages.  The offerings were solid- rolls and butter, a mesclun salad with pears, walnuts and gorgonzola, buttered haricot vert with leeks, oven roasted potatoes, chicken marsala, cheese tortellini with roasted vegetables (overcooked, but still edible- you can see I had already eaten them by the time I remembered to take a picture) and stale cookies that looked like the gingerbread man from Shrek.

It definitely beat leftover mac and cheese and Coke….well, the punch didn’t but close enough.


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