Overrated DC restaurants

As has been noted here and here (note to Ezra.  We get it, you write two blogs.  Please stop writing the same posts for both.  It’s annoying.), the Washingtonian is looking for DC’s most overrated restaurants.  I agree with the Washingtonian’s commenters on several.  My list?

Lauriol Plaza: only good for drinking margaritas until you can’t stand up.

Cafe Milano/Zaytinya*: Too see and be seen for my taste, and that supposedly makes up for mediocre food.

Creme‘s brunch: Went for my birthday.  Earth shattering disappointment.

Georgia Brown’s: TERRIBLE.  How can any self-respecting restaurant fail to produce a proper biscuit?  My grandfather is from Charleston, so I am quite familiar with Low Country cuisine.  This is not it.

Vidalia I don’t think is overrated as much as it seems to have slipped a little lately.  I remember eating there a few years ago and really being wowed.  But now…not so much.


*in the interests of full disclosure, I have a good friend that works at Zaytinya.  Luckily, I do not hold her responsible for the subpar food.  I have noticed that when I pop in to say hi, I can drink at the bar all day, but am not so much interested in the food.


3 thoughts on “Overrated DC restaurants

  1. I could not agree more. Lauriol is the bridge and tunnel haven and where you go when you are a freshman at any of the DC university’s and want to say I was out in the city.

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