no Rose Bowl for me :(

Sad news. Lou and I (two years ago) started a tradition of going to see Penn State’s bowl games. She went to Penn State, and I adopted them as my college football team, because 1) Duke sucks, and 2) my alma matter doesn’t have a football team.

So, two years ago, we went to the Outback Bowl, which meant a highly entertaining 12-hour drive from NC to Tampa. Last year, I had to break the tradition to go to VT’s roommate’s wedding.

Lou: hey so i have some ticket info for you… looks a little grim. you want to hear now or me send you an email?
me: go for it
i’m not surprised
Lou: ok so tickets themselves are 290 and up… there are packages starting around 850 to include hotel stays and parade tickets
me: ouch
that’s a bit pricey for me
Lou: yea plus airfare is 400-600
yea me too
me: yeah, that’s 900 for a ticket and airfare
i don’t think i can swing that, barring a lottery win in the immediate future
Lou: haha yea
it would def be tight for me
me: so here’s the next question
Lou: swingable if you were down but esp after the holidays… it would be hard
me: so, do you want to go somewhere else?
or throw a new year’s party?
or just be left to our own devices?
Lou: hmmm
i was thinking about throwing a new years party or some other party with the theme “all that glitters”
me: or throw a football watching party
Lou: and encourage sparkly clothes
me: yay!
Lou: we could watch bowls all the next day )
me: exactly what i was thinking!
also, I will volunteer to cook a bunch of awesome football watching foods
Lou: that is why you are amazing!
Lou: ok so we’ll start thinking on that
me: sounds good

Alright dear readers. Help me out. Thoughts on appropriate bowl watching foods? Now would be a good time for the chicken sweet potato chili, yes?


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