deep fried pies and enchiladas

Anyone who knows me will tell you about my absurd fixation with squash.  I put zuchinni in EVERYTHING- black bean soup, pizza, marinara, whatever.  I love it.  I eat it raw with cheese and pepperoni.  I buy buckets of it in the summer and make zucchini pesto, zucchini ravioli, zucchini fritters.  I grill it, put it in fish tacos, buy specimens the size of my leg and stuff them.  I still have (somewhere) the recipe for my grandmother’s neighbor’s amazing zucchini bread.

And then in fall, there is the pumpkin.  Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pie, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin fritters, pumpkin soup baked in a whole pumpkin a la Barbara Kingsolver.  I consume it all with reckless abandon.  Hell, we even make multiple pies on Thanksgiving, as it is not uncommon for me to eat an entire one while watching the Cowboys.  I am wearing an almost-pumpkin-colored dress to my birthday party in a few weeks.

I thought I had seen it all.  And then, this.

Lou sent it to me, and it quickly made it onto my Google Reader, whereupon it made the rounds onto my friends’ as well.  I hate deep frying things (the actual process, mind you, not the results) as a result of a rather scarring house fire when I was five.  I might have to (wo)man up for these though.

Back to the pumpkin in a second.  I had a terrible day yesterday, between the snow/cold, work, and various other issues.  So, I called my mom and asked her what would go well with the bottle of wine I was about to drink.  Solution: Red Beans and Rice and Enchiladas.

I made what I call fake Red Beans and Rice, because I used the canned beans, not dry ones.  Oh well.  The recipie is dead simple: Sautee onion/shallots, garlic, chili powder, cumin and basil, along with half a pepper and a handful of shredded carrots in a pot.  When soft, add 2 cans of kidney beans, about a glass of wine, and a can of tomato sauce (the cans, not the jarred marinara) or a can of diced tomatoes that have been run through the blender.  Dump in the pot and simmer until thickened.  Done and done.  Works pretty well for black beans as well (although I usually put zucchini in my black beans.  I also plopped the veg mixture with cheese, ground beef and some other things (secret family recipe, not sharign) and made enchiladas, my mother’s classic accompaniment to red beans and rice.  My roommates and VT devoured most of it, leaving some leftovers for myself and the co-worker I usually lunch with, and after Ace popped in for lunch in my office, I was left with this:

empty plate

Back to the pumpkin. Ace has an interesting theory- he believes there is a way to deep fry green bean casserole.  Personally, I despise green bean casserole, and usually opt for salad of barely steamed green beans and feta for holiday sides.  I cannot wait to see how this works out.


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