Dear John,

Dear Readers-

I am truly, truly sorry for all of the pain I have caused you. Rest assured, in my 6-month hiatus from blogging, many interesting things have occurred. I went to Shanghai and ate shark fin soup (I’m not sure what else), my work-life balance was SEVERELY tilted in the work direction (almost resulting in a Mariah Carey-esque nervous breakdown,) I am frequenting Vinoteca so much it’s basically my living room, and I may or may not have joyfully rioted in the streets after Obama’s win.

I am back to blogging however. I missed writing (ill-formed and meandering though my writing might be) and I have a children’s treasury of things I have eaten, contemplated eating, and seen in my wanderings about town.

Following the now hip mantra of “Change”, here are some of mine:

  1. Contributors! That’s right, not only do you get to hear from me, but occasional posts from a pre-approved list of my friends! Huzzah!
  2. More topics: In light of a culture war by proxy I have had with the always delightful Ace, I am expanding my scope to cover whatever I want- mostly food, a healthy sprinkling of sports, and a nice dollop of current events. Tired of the metaphors yet?
  3. Ok, so I really only had 2 big changes

In short, dear readers, I am back and better than ever. Don’t worry, I missed you too.



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