thelma and louise ride again!

I have a friend from high school, who I don’t think I’ve mentioned before- Lou. Our friendship blossomed out of the happy coincidence that both of us tend to ridiculously overdress for mundane things.

This list of things that have happened to us while in the car together pretty much tells you all you need to know:

1) Almost crashed into herd of wild turkeys on the Blue Ridge Parkway while speeding around curves on the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way to Cheeseburgers in Paradise. (What? What do YOU do on a boring Saturday afternoon?)
2) Rode through the somewhat conservative streets of Greensboro in our underwear after an especially muddy lacrosse practice. I capped it off by streaking (out of necessity) across my yard to my front door, traumatizing me grandmother.
3) Chased down Holden Road by random guys (one of whom bore an uncanny resemblance to Fat Albert) yelling out of a bullhorn “you in the Green Volvo…PULL OVER!”
4) Wrecked her alignment hitting a highway divider while driving in the rain (after her dad told us not to) to see our favorite local band. Thankfully, there were truck drivers at the gas station to help us. We tried to thank them with the alcohol she kept hidden from her dad in the spare tire. I believe we were roughly 17 at the time. Oops.
5) Saw a live hog on one side of the road, driving towards the mountains. Gave each other the “WTF” look. Looked back out the window, giggling. Two minutes later, saw another hog, looking dazed in the median, this time with a guy standing next to it. Looked at each other and simultaneously began to dial our mothers. Shortly thereafter, we passed the truck the hogs were falling out of. (Welcome to North Carolina! Did I mention were about 15 miles outside of one of the state’s largest metropolitan areas?)
6) 12 hours of insanity (she wasn’t in the car for this one.) Carolina, another friend and I drove from DC to THE Pennsylvania State University (Lou’s alma mater) to surprise her for her birthday. When we got there, she was so drunk, she didn’t believe we were actually there. 12 hours later we left. I have no idea what happened in between. I’m a little fuzzy on after as well.

In high school, and even during breaks in college, she would regularly show up at my house, blindfold me, and we’d go off on some adventure. Once we stumbled upon RJ Reynold’s childhood home (or something) on our way to an apple orchard in southern VA. Because those are the kinds of things we do. You know that table of loud women in the restaurant, flirting with the waiter? That’s us. And our moms.

This weekend I’m taking a mini-break and getting my “pirate-y”wench on with Lou. I have been promised crabcakes.

We had the following conversation about this weekend:

me: i looked at the drink specials

$3 pints everywhere!
that means i could black out for under $50!
Lou: haha i know
drinks are really cheap here
especially compared to where you are
now i know you’re excited when you have blackouts within your sight

Who’s ready to party like a rockstar pirate? Ahoy matey!


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