breakfast radishes

Last night, I hiked it (in the rain and in 4 inch wedges no less) over to EatBar to take Gina a gift I bought her some time ago. And in classic Gina fashion, she surprised me with something new.

First up was her new cocktail- a concoction of pear vodka and strawberry puree, garnished with dehydrated pear and strawberry slices (sort or like a tastier, less plastic version of a fruit roll-up.)

Then, she told me she stopped by the Penn Quarter market that day to pick up some breakfast radishes. She gave them a good wash in the sink, halved them, and served them with rice wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and salt. You dip the radish in vinegar, dip it in salt, and pop the whole thing in your mouth.

It was quite the revelation. The radishes were earthy and crisp, but the bite of the vinegar and salt brought out just enough of the sweetness. And I am pretty much conditioned to want something salty or crunchy as soon as I sit down at the bar.


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