I got two turntables and a microphone

VT and I went to Beck last night. The last Monday of every month, you can go in, drink 2 beers, and get a free glass. Last time I went, it was Kasteel night (you might remember the Kasteel Rouge from Saint-Ex or the pierogi incident).

Last night was Delirium Tremens night. I feel like immediately after turning 21, you must immediately demonstrate your intense knowledge of artisanal beer (and your ever burning desire to get obliterated) by drinking DT. As every beer aficionado, from frat boy to Bill Catron, knows, Delirium is 8.5% abv.

For once in my life, I was early, so I had a Bacchus (another Flemish red ale, like the Kasteel Rouge, but not as sweet- little more sour cherry flavor.) and waited. There are several beers that are available on draft exclusively at Beck, which is one of the reasons I wanted to try the Bacchus. Kasteel Blonde is another.

VT arrived, and we split an order of frites, which come with curry mayonnaise (my new favorite condiment), tomato mayo (Gross- it was so sweet, VT thought it was strawberry or something) and regular mayo.

Afterwards, we met Shmee and went to an Indian/Pakistani place across the street for dinner, Mayur Kabob House.

Not a fan.

I ordered a lamb seekh kebab, which somehow turned into a chicken seekh kebab. And it tasted like crap. Perhaps it would have been better with my missing order of raita. Shmee, who is a veg, ordered Paneer Makhni and Alu Tikki, neither of which were to her liking. That being said, I think her standards are slightly higher than mine. It would be like me heading to Georgia Brown’s to try out their southern food (as a side note, Georgia Brown’s sucks. If you can’t make biscuits, you DO NOT qualify as a proper Southern resturant. End of story.) VT seemed to be the only one satisfied with his food (and the bits of ours he was kind enough to dispose of,) ordering Chapli Kabab lamb.

In Mayur’s defense, both mine and VT’s orders came with naan, basmati rice, dal, a decent veg curry, and a potato curry (I think) The rice was great, the naan decent, and the curries okay. And it was cheap. That being said, I think I’ll stick to Naan and Beyond.


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