Beef Bourbon Y’all

So I’m at my grandparent’s today, hanging out with this guy
and completing the massive to-do list my grandmother has for me every time I come to visit (fixing things, repotting orchids, picking up dry cleaning, etc etc.) I’m okay with it though, because a lot of things on the to-do list can be completed while I sit in front of the monstrous HDTV, drinking beer, and feeling the floor vibrate from my grandfather‘s stereo downstairs- in addition to Amy Winehouse, he’s been into Joss Stone lately, and my sister gave him two CDs- Al Green and Thelonoius Monk for his birthday. All must be played at floor-shaking volume while smoking, drinking Jack Daniels, and watching college basketball. I want HIS life when I retire.

As I sat down, I realized I had lucked into Paula’s Party on the Food Network HD. And Paula was “Paula-fying“things. For instance, Beef Bourguignon, the Julia Child staple (I used to watch her make it on PBS with my grandfather, while I tried to copy the steps at the kitchen table with my Play-Doh. I was an odd child) becomes Beef Bourbon Y’all.

Now, Paula likes her butter (see: Fried Butter Balls) and she likes frying things (see: Deep Fried Lasagna). She likes sweets (Banana Pudding and Key Lime Pie). Being a southerner, I understand and whole-heartedly embrace her predilection for such things.

This episode, however, featured something I had never heard of, and was completely incapable of imagining: Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding.

That’s right. At some point, somewhere in the world, someone ate a Krispy Kreme doughnut, and instead of wondering “Hmmm. I wonder how many of these I can eat before my entire digestive tract jumps out of my body in protest,” thought “Hey! I should make this into bread pudding!”

This recipe was actually from a viewer, Bill Nicholson. His version (which I think is the exact same as the Paula-fied version) can be found here.

Screw mac and cheese, maybe I’ll make mini Krispy Kreme bread puddings for the blogger potluck instead.


3 thoughts on “Beef Bourbon Y’all

  1. I saw Michael Ciarello make bread pudding with cake donuts once and it looked fantastic. I just could not bring myself to ever make it…I’d eat the whole pan.

  2. wes- Yes, I WAS an odd child. I am no longer a child, so there.lemmonex- Cake dounuts come and go…krispy kremes are forever. I’m going to have to modify the recipe though- a can of fruit cocktail? blech.

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