thursday funday: virginia is for lovers.

For some fathomless reason, I found myself in Virginia again last night.

Actually, that’s a lie. Lala got off work early and wanted to go see Gina, so off we went. It kept me from going to Target 2 days in a row, which is probably a good thing. Seeing as we had to cross the river, we decided we were “on vacation.” We headed over to EatBar, and I waded a bit deeper into their pork-y goodness- in this case, bacon wrapped figs with marscapone,

Delicious no?

followed by mini burgers (they were too big to be sliders) with red onion relish/compote and mac and cheese.

Lala also ordered a side of wild mushrooms, which she combined with the mac and cheese, thus ruining it in my eyes. Worked for her though.
We indulged in some cocktails too- the Alchemist (St. Germaine, rye, Cointreau and lemon) for Lala
and Gnome’s Water (Hendrick’s, Cucumber, and Lavender) for me. Drinking something called “Gnome’s Water” reminds me of my childhood- specifically the part where my aunt used to tell my sister that her cup of water was actually monkey breath water.

(I also had a Miller High Life, because it’s the champagne of beers)

Gina + gnome= instant fun

Gina finished her shift early, and we went to the LA Bar and Grill. What. a. place. It was like being in my pothead friend’s attic in 8th grade. All that was missing was the blacklight mushroom poster on the wall. Seriously.

That being said, we did have a rip-roarin’ good time. ThursdayFunday/vacation did involve almost being hit by a swarthy asshole in a Benz, while crossing IN THE CROSS WALK WITH THE LIGHT, who then got upset and honked at us when I stood in front of his car, pointed to the “walk” sign, and then flicked him off.

Lala and I, back when we were neighbors would regularly engage in “SundayFunday” where we’d go to brunch, drink for the next 12-14 hours, and stumble home. I had a terrible job then and it helped take the edge off Mondays. Now that 1) we’re no longer neighbors and 2) football season is over, our SundayFundays have become few and far between. Last night, however, we decided that not only is Thursday the new Friday, but it shall henceforth be known as ThursdayFunday. Seeing as my last 2 Thursdays involved 1) six hours of drinking at Saint-Ex and 2) a night with theblondebombshell at Indebleu that ended with me waking up Friday morning hungover with my bedroom floor covered in mulch, I think “ThursdayFunday” is an appropriate designation.


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