weekend eating overload, i solve my egg issue

I did a LOT of eating this weekend. Which really, isn’t different from most weekends. Only this time I checked out a couple of new places. I’ve already filled you in on on Friday, so let’s skip to Saturday.

After hunting around most of the day and coming up with zilch for my sister’s birthday present, I went to Momo’s sports bar (above Cafe Nema) with Shmee to watch the end of the Duke-NC State game. I had no intention of watching this game, as I thought it would be an easy win for Duke. Then my almost-8-year-old cousin, daughter of a NC State alum, called to trash talk me. So I decided I’d better watch. Momo’s food was unremarkable- Shmee and I split spinach dip, and I had a chicken quesadilla. Shmee, however, in her confirming her status as the world’s most easy-to-eat-with vegetarian, had a “burger.”

Yes, that’s right. There is no meat between those buns. Only onion rings and burger fixin’s. This is why I love her. (Apologies for the poor photo quality.)

Saturday night, we planned to take in the hockey game (seems fitting, no?) but through a series of minor issues, Shmee ended up going, while I was left with a few hours to kill before she and I met up at Marvin. I decided to bite the bullet, and head on out to Clarendon to see Gina. Since her (in my humble opinon) rather ignominious dismissal from Rasika, she’s been at Eatbar/Tallula in Clarendon. Swallowing my IMMENSE disdain for suburbs in general, and NoVa in particular, I headed out to sample the wares.

The place was PACKED. Sadly, it was packed full of what I consider a stereotypical NoVa crowd- lots of button down shirts, 99.9% white, and overall, not very interesting or friendly. Gina was behind the bar with three other guys- Brian, and two others whose names escape me- they were all quite amicable, and popped down to my end of the bar to check on me often, despite being 4-5 deep in some places. (And it wasn’t just me, I watched them do this up and down the bar.) The food was delicious. Mini burgers (too big to be sliders, too small for a regular burger), a risotto fritter with some sort of spicy green pesto, mac and cheese with poblano peppers, another pepper stuffed with chorizo and goat cheese, as well as large plates with things like pork cheek and cheese grits. EatBar also offers a pasta of the day, soup of the day, and…..BACON OF THE DAY. That’s right.


I didn’t try it, but I cannot wait to go back and sample. Any place with a bacon of the day can’t be half bad. Overall, I think my impression is best summed up by the text I sent a friend as I left: “I love this place…minus the clientele.” I’ll also be back to try the red wine brownie.

Went to Marvin, afterwards, Solly’s, and Ooh’s and Aahs. I just drank though, so I won’t bore you with the details. That brings me to Sunday afternoon.

After missing the farmer’s/farmers’ market (oops) I emerged from my house in the mood to re-cap my evening with Shmee (who left me unsupervised at Marvin to go home….never a good idea) over Sunday brunch, SATC-style. Since she is the world’s best vegetarian, I let her pick wherever she wanted to go, and we ended up at Ulah Bistro on U, right by the 13th street Metro exit.

Shmee went with chocolate chip pancakes, and I had Eggs Chesapeake. “belmontmedina, you hate eggs! Why would you order that?!,” you may ask.

Well. I solved my egg issue, at least for brunch. I had Eggs Chesapeake (English muffin, crab, hollandaise, poached egg) without the eggs! All the good, none of the ew! Shmee pointed out that hollandaise is pretty much egg sauce. I pointed out that even though she couldn’t eat French Toast, because it had eggs, she was eating pancakes, which also contain eggs. We then agreed to not discuss our weird food preferences.

Ulah wasn’t very crowded, and the service was attentive without being overbearing. Furthermore, for coffee, diet Coke, juice, pancakes, Eggs Chesapeake and 2 orders of home fries (TO DIE FOR), our tab was only $40, including tax and tip. I might have to make it my new Sunday brunch spot, if only for those potatoes.

That wraps up my weekend. I didn’t make the red velvet cake, but as today is my grandfather’s birthday, I will be headed out IMMEDIATELY after work to make him lasagna, salad, and red velvet cake.


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