dispatches from the field: atlanta

in short…

Things I ate while in Atlanta
– Burger that made me vomit
– 2 vats of spinach artichoke dip
– granola
– no grits
– rabbit with swiss chard and smoked bacon ravioli
– lots of bagels
– not a single biscuit
– cold Olive Garden lasagna

Things I drank while in Atlanta
– club soda and lime
– Stella
– shitty merlot that came in a magnum at reception
– even shittier white zin that also came in a magnum at reception
– miller lite with a lime after reception ran out of shitty merlot
– Willamette Valley pinot noir
– Charles Krug cab
– shitty hotel bar savignon blanc (superior to shitty hotel bar chardonnay)
– lots of Diet Coke (NOT diet pepsi)
– the worst margarita I’ve ever had in my life
– Killian’s Red at the MillerLiteVictoryLane “restaurant” while in the seventh layer of hell
– not enough water

Number of nights in ATL: 3
Number of nights at least one meal or drink consumed in hotel bar: 3
Number of nights I closed down the hotel bar: 1
Number of nights I slept with the door to my balcony open in the hotel because it was so warm: 1
Number of hours to fly to Atlanta and back: 3.75
Number of hours spent in DCA or ATL waiting on delayed plane: 3.5
Number of children crawling around on the floor of the bathroom in the airport while Mom tries to wash out the car seat said child has relieved himself in: 1
Number of giant puddles of small child pee and water on floor while aforementioned child was crawling around: 3

Happy Valentine’s Day


2 thoughts on “dispatches from the field: atlanta

  1. @gansie: sadly, they eclipsed anything i’ve ever had in DC. is it sad that i’m looking forward to the bruegger’s bagels opening on 21st and L?

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