So Carolina got a breadmaker for Christmas. Sadly, no one thought to leave a nifty new kitchen gadget under the tree for me. Guess a girl’s got to take care of herself. At any rate, he’s been giving it quite the workout since he returned. Including this lovely loaf I tried Wednesday night, while we watched the Duke vs. Florida State/UNC vs. GA Tech doubleheader:

Pet the bread…nice bread. Good bread. Please note that in my house, we do NOT mess around with cereal variety. At any given point, we have about 10 boxes lined up on the counter.


The man is a professional. Cutting board, slicing guide, bread knife, the works.

The final product….

…which I immediately sampled.

Also, he and I had the following conversation today…
me: i’m excited to go home eventually

Carolina: yeah i am too
Carolina: i think this roommate experience has reinforced that

Carolina: i really am excited about having my own place someday

me: hahaha
Carolina: although
me: i think it’ll still be a while yet for me
Carolina: if it were just you and me
me: hahahaha
Carolina: then i might never get married

I think this is because I came downstairs this morning, and told him that after about 8 years of arguing (no joke,) I was ready to admit to him that his interpretation of the lyrics to this song is correct, not mine.


3 thoughts on “breadmaking

  1. @cars fear me: listen, don’t hate because i can hyperlink. i’m keeping things interesting. and giving you suggestions for my birthday@al: indeed. one day i shall have the kitchen of my dreams.

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