I have recently been informed that my fantasy football trophy has been “stolen.” While I understand that its theft is an elaborate story to keep me from obtaining said trophy, I am still MOST displeased. The e-mail I received detailing its theft led to the following exchange:

me: um

i just got an e-mail
from x’s boss, m
who is claiming that the trophy was stolen from their office over new years
LB: haha they really hate you
me: apparently

For shame! I am somewhat delighted that after my stunning (for me) lack of trash talk until the final 2 weeks, as well as a completely fabricated cheating allegation heaved my way, apparently the fact that I won, on my initial foray into fantasy football produced this sort of response. Ha! You got beaten by a girl! Nyah-nyah!

In other news, I’m going to see Edward II tonight with LB, stopping by the bookstore to get Michael Pollan’s new book (read a review here from Ethicurean), and hopefully indulging in Matchbox‘s spicy meatball pizza pre-show.


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