more on Viridian

From a post I wrote this summer (no longer accessible here), during Restaurant Week:

Went to Viridian for the first time ever with four other people for Restaurant Week on Monday. Having worked and eaten during Restaurant Week, it’s entertaining to see how various places cope (dumbing down the menu, overloading servers, upcharging)

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with Viridian. Two of my party had recently finished masters theses, one just returned from Peru, and another had just gotten a cast off- so we were in something of a celebratory mood. To that end, another great wine find! It was a Vermentino (one of my favorite whites). I’ll get back to you with the name, as soon as I find it. UPDATE: Many thanks to Kelley Darling, the assistant GM at Viridian for answering my inquiry. The wine in question is a 2005 Funtanaliras Vermentino.

Sadly, I was not feeling well during dinner and didn’t indulge much. That being said, I have to sing the praises of the gazpacho. I HATE raw tomatoes (something about them tastes like blood) and am not overly fond of soups in general. This was a honeydew and cucumber gazpacho with arugula and tasso ham (mmmmmm). Delicious. I dream about it now. Viridian has zipcode night on Mondays (20% off total bill). That soup is enough to make me (finally) switch my residency over.

I’ll be sad to see it go.


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