happy new year!

i’m baaaack!

Lots of catching up to do at work, so expect some posts later. However, a brief rundown of the past 2 weeks..
– attended this wedding with Shmee
– lost luggage containing brand new dress for wedding and could not get it back in time thanks to these assholes
– discovered it is perfectly acceptable to drink on the train between NYC and Poughkeepsie at 2AM
– gained a new appreciation for 1) Metro and 2) NYC cabs
– made an entire Christmas dinner myself
– had the main course of aforementioned dinner saved from fiery doom by my grandfather
– did ALL of my Christmas shopping in one day. and everyone loved their gifts
– WON MY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE (this might be my greatest accomplishment for 2007)
– watched almost all of Season 4 of “The Wire” in preparation for this weekend


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