headed down south to the land of the pine…

Being a native North Carolinian, there are several things for which I have a deep and undying love:
1) anything that comes from a pig, especially bacon and BBQ
2) college basketball
3) the Carolina Panthers (this is a more recent development. Bill Simmons has a column about divided sports loyalties. I explain mine like so- I grew up a Dallas fan, and they will always be my first love. However, in ’95, Carolina got a team, and I can’t not root for the hometown team.)
4) sweet tea and Cheerwine

With that in mind, I present you with the foll0wing:
1) bacon candy [via Serious Eats]
2) sad, sad news…yet tempered somewhat by this. [via Awful Announcing]
3) insights from both sides on Saturday’s upcoming game
4) perfect pre-Christmas present wrapping cocktail: Bojangles sweet tea + jack daniels + lime.


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