The Cowboys sent ELEVEN players to the Pro Bowl-
Starters: TO (WR), Flozell Adams (OT), Leonard Davis (OG), Andre Gurode (C), Jason “Fuck-you-I’ll-run-without-my-helmet” Witten (TE), Demarcus Ware (OLB), and Nick Folk (K)
Reserves: Tony-Freaking-Romo (QB), Marion the Barbarian (RB- I can understand the Purple Jesus getting the nod over MB3. I kind of want to marry him, just so I can be Mrs. Purple Jesus), Terence Newman (CB) and Ken Hamlin (FS).

The ‘Boys also had four alternates– Roy Williams(S), Greg Ellis (LB), Mat McBriar (P), and Keith Davis (S). Word on the street is that Williams, he of the mighty horse collar, was named first alternate, and thus might start in lieu of Sean Taylor, giving the Cowboys twelve players in the Pro Bowl.

On the AFC side of things, the Pats only sent eight players. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Bob Sanders, Willie Parker and Troy Polamalu, some of my favorite players, all made it.

In other news, Jerrah Jones and Arthur Blank have been talking to the Tuna.


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