you came in with the breeze…

I have what I like to think is the perfect Sunday routine. Provided that my hangover hasn’t rendered me completely non-functional, it goes a little something like this:

Wake up. Fiddle with fantasy football team for an hour or so. Call the Oracle with questions about said team. Call mom, aunt, grandmothers. Fiddle with fantasy team more. Get out of bed, get dressed and meander down to the Dupont market. Return in time to watch the Cowboys beat up on some unsuspecting team. Continue watching football for the rest of the day.

Pretty sweet isn’t it?

Today, I’m about to head over to MP3’s for game time. (everyone should have friends with two giant flat screens and NFL Sunday Ticket). However, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the wares at the market this morning..

Yellow Mushrooms?!?!

I think these are called cyclamen. My mom used to buy me one every winter. I usually killed it by Christmas.

If global warming means fresh tomatoes year round, bring it on.

Heirloom apples…

And one of my favorite foods- squash!

On a side note, the morning family phone calls were interesting today. One grandmother hung up on me. The other one launched into a 20 min spiel about how maybe one day I’d find a nice young gentleman who would want to buy a house with me in the town where I’m from. Right. Also, my mother tried to take pictures with her new phone. She was VERY involved in it. She was also worried that I would see the wineglasses from the impromptu party the night before. Nevermind that the people she had over are old family friends, and called me during the general merriment. Silly Mum.


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